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Empowering the Future of Industry

Our Advisors support organizations and project teams as they deploy new processes and solutions that help them create and sustain a competitive edge. 

Learn how Trillium can help you navigate the future of industry.

Leading Advisory

Our Advisors provide industry-leading support that empowers organizations and teams to design, build, and maintain best-in-class facilities and assets. 


Whether you're looking to improve capital project predictability, enhance team collaboration, reduce turnaround durations, or improve data-based decision making,  we empower teams to work smarter, together, leveraging fit-for-purpose processes and technologies that augment existing business practices and drive quantifiable outcomes. 

Achieve Better Project Outcomes



You can't manage what you can't see. Our Advisors assist teams in developing and deploying business intelligence solutions, data analytics tools, and machine learning capabilities to provide visibility into every aspect of project delivery.

BIM & Digital


Our Advisors support capital and sustaining project teams in the development and deployment of industry-leading BIM and Digital Twin programs that drive  improvements and efficiencies throughout the lifecycle of each facility and asset.

Strategic Services

We work with organizations to define, develop, and deploy best-in-class practices  and programs that support project improvements, including Advanced Work Packaging, BIM, Lean Construction, and Agile Construction.



Our Advisors help teams develop and deploy effective data programs that include data capture, storage, transformation, de-duplication, and governance components, thereby enabling teams to do more with their existing data. 

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How Can We Help You?

Our Advisors work with clients across a multitude of industry sectors, on short-term and long-term engagements, to support initiatives and programs that drive organization or project advancement. We focus on building trusted relationships with our clients to provide timely advisory support through remote service provision, on-site, or embedded service delivery models.

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