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We're working with industry-leading organizations to identify, develop, and deploy best practices and digitization initiatives across a variety of construction industry sectors. 

Trusted Support; Expert Advisors

Our Advisors provide services and support to clients that are pushing the boundaries of performance and innovation in construction. We are disruptors, change makers, and innovators; our Advisors are subject matter experts in their respective fields, and have timely practical experience that clients count on when deploying new programs and making decisions.


Our team directly support projects and initiatives that drive quantifiable improvements within client organizations and on projects. We offer dedicated services and support on-site or remotely, as required by each unique project. We also provide ad-hoc support when required. We offer the flexibility of support that other organizations don't, acting as a strategic partner rather than a vendor or service provider. 


Are you ready to step into the future of construction?

Our Service Offerings

Digital Project Delivery

Our Advisors help teams explore, evaluate, and deploy  digital solutions that augment best-in-class procedures, driving value and empowering teams through engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning.



Our Advisors support capital and sustaining project teams in the development and deployment of industry-leading BIM and Digital Twin programs that drive  improvements and efficiencies throughout the lifecycle of each asset.

Enhanced Project Planning

We work with organizations to define, develop, and deploy best-in-class practices  and programs that support project improvements, including Advanced Work Packaging, BIM, Lean Construction, and Agile Construction.



You can't manage what you can't see. Our Advisors assist teams in developing and deploying business intelligence solutions, data analytics tools, and machine learning capabilities to provide visibility into every aspect of project delivery.

It's All About the Data


The ability to effectively deploy and maintain tools and solutions all comes down to data. The right information at the right time can feed the tools and solutions that your team leverages to make decisions. Poorly architected, incomplete, or incorrect data can yield information gaps that detract from the capabilities and value of processes and tools. 

Trillium Advisors assist teams with their data programs as a foundational element of their innovation program. If your team is struggling with data, we can help. From strategy and architecture to capture, movement, and curation, our talented data specialists can help you get more value from your data. 

Recent Projects


4D Planning

Pilot and Deployment

We worked with a project team to deliver a 4D pilot project. Proceeding the successful pilot, we developed and maintained the 4D model, created and distribute simulations, and worked with the project team to improve schedule logic and find schedule improvement opportunities. 

Data Analytics

Program Deployment

Our team supported the development and deployment of an organizational data analytics program to facilitate better visibility into organizational operations, thereby enabling the executive leadership team to identify and action improvement opportunities through real-time data analysis.

Advanced Work Packaging Program Deployment

We worked with an international construction organization to scope and develop their processes and procedures for Advanced Work Packaging, generating a bespoke program that integrated and augmented their existing workflows. We further supported program operations through training, coaching, and audits.

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