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Get the dirt on your projects through our advanced analytics, monitoring, and reporting services. We help you identify project issues long before they become project problems.

Get the Dirt on Your Projects

Capital projects are challenging; the average large-scale capital project exceeds budget by 80% and takes 20 months longer to complete than planned. Teams often struggle to maintain project performance visibility and make course corrections where needed, throughout the project lifecycle. The larger the project, the more difficult it is to obtain and maintain visibility and predictability. 

Join the Nexus. 

Gain access to full-project analytics and reporting services, delivered by a team of industry experts. Using our proprietary reporting framework, metrics, and dashboards, you can access full project lifecycle analytics without having to deploy an analytics team. These analytics are developed and delivered by a team of industry experts with extensive project experience; we provide project insights, help identify red flags, and enable teams to leverage their data to make better decisions. 

Full Analytics

We manage your project analytics so you can focus on managing your project.  

Load your data to our Nexus portal each week and launch your dashboards. It's that simple. You'll even receive a weekly project health report prepared by our capital project analysts, which identifies red flags and areas of concern that you may not be aware of.


Plus, you'll receive a project ideas report that highlights opportunities to improve project potential. 


Get more from your data without all of the work involved in setting up an analytics program. That's the power of Nexus.


7 Core Phase Metrics

Screenshot 2023-03-22 080045.png

Our Nexus program provides full visibility into project performance throughout all stages of your project. From FEED to commissioning, you'll have access to the reporting that you need, and the data analysis required to identify project issues. 

Our team finds the details hidden in your data. 

How It Works

We deploy your dashboards (customized with your logo and colors)

You load your data each week through our portal

Access your project dashboards

Receive your weekly project report

Review your red flags analysis

We have an Entire Team Working for You


Beyond analytics dashboard management, and weekly project report development, our Advisors work in multi-disciplinary teams to identify constructability opportunities, run schedule simulations, and ideate other project execution strategies to reduce project costs and schedule durations. 

Full Performance Visibility

What You Get

Robust and High Quality Analytics 



Early Issue




Rapid Analytics


Support from Capital Project Experts

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