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Accelerating Digitalization with Digital Twins

Learn how Digital Twins harness data to enable intelligent decisions throughout a project's lifecycle and look ahead at some of the exciting digital capabilities they enable.


Digital Twins have recently received increased industry focus as the stakeholders look to embrace digitalization. These digitally replicated assets can drastically enhance the data-driven decision-making process and leverage smart datasets through design, construction, and project operations. While many offerings are available for digital twinning platforms, there has been confusion on what a digital twin really is and how it can be leveraged for projects, regardless of where you are on your digital journey.

This webinar will explore BIM (Building Information Modeling), VDC (Virtual Design and Construction), and Digital Twins. We will discuss the differences between these topics, focusing on the possibilities of each when embracing digital technologies. 

The industry is accelerating rapidly towards digitalization, and digital twins continue to grow in adoption. While change can be an internal barrier across industry sectors, we invite you to join us on the next phase of your journey toward digital project delivery through the use of digital twins. 

Date: June 2, 2022

Time: 9:00 AM PST

Duration: 30 Mins

Presenter: Dylan Underhill

The Real Reasons Technology Deployments Fail

(And What to do About Them)



Project teams globally are leveraging construction technology solutions to drive improvements in project schedule, cost, safety, productivity, quality, and predictability. From drones to artificial intelligence, forward thinking teams are investing heavily in solutions that will drive a competitive edge. However, technology roll outs aren't always seamless. And, for every markedly successful program there's no shortage of failed implementation stories from other firms that have achieved less remarkable outcomes.

Within this webinar we will explore the root causes of technology implementation failures across the design, construction and operations project lifecycles within this presentation. From architecture decisions to adoption and buy-in, we will discuss the real reasons technology implementations fail. Beyond the root causes of failure, we will discuss strategies and risk mitigation methods that may be used to improve program potential, helping industry leaders navigate the uncertainties of new technology and reap the benefits that new solutions may yield.

Date: June 15, 2022

Time: 9:00 AM PST

Duration: 30 Mins

Presenter: John Boudreau

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