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Data Analytics

Your data is one of your most valuable assets. Put it to work for your organization and leverage insights and analytics that empower your teams to make better decisions. 

Put Your Data to Work 

Your teams produce data every day. It's stored in spreadsheets, documents, databases, and even paper-based forms. It's used by teams to drive decision making. However, disconnected data provides only disparate pieces of information. Using these disparate sources, your teams may be making decisions that don't align with the 'big picture.'

We help clients tap into their data and put it to work. Connected data provides teams with the ability to deploy business intelligence solutions, perform extensive data analytics, and employ machine learning solutions to identify trends, make better decisions, and improve their bottom line. 

Learn how Trillium can help you put your data to work.

See the Now. Predict the Future


Business Intelligence

Drive actionable insights through the development and deployment of BI solutions that empower teams to make better decisions with their data.


Strategy and Architecture

Our Advisors help clients define their data strategy and establish effective data architecture to support analytics and data analytics and business intelligence initiatives.


Machine Learning

Descriptive analytics tell you what happened. Machine Learning solutions help you predict the future so that you can action insights before your competition.

Tap Into Your Dark Data

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You can't improve what you can't see. And there's a lot that most construction project teams can't see. 96% of construction data goes unused. That unused data contains key insights that can assist your teams when making critical decisions. But, you need to gain access to all of these disconnected data sets.


Our Advisors can help you connect disparate data sources, define your metrics, and put your data to work to drive visibility into operational performance. Find and fix process gaps that are negatively affecting your bottom line to drive quantifiable improvements in operational performance. Make better decisions with near real-time data captured at the source. Data can help you do that. 

Make Better Decisions

Leverage your connected data to generate deep and meaningful insights. Trillium Advisors help clients build robust and interactive dashboards and reports that support informed decision making.


Imagine reviewing yesterday's project progress and performance while drinking your morning coffee. Or, discover which pipe spool or piece of equipment will be delivered late, and the impact that late delivery will have on the construction team. 


Get more out of your data through analytics and visualization tools that support informed decision making. 


96% of data produced in the construction industry goes unused.

Let's Tackle Your

Toughest Challenges

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