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Our Team

Our Advisors are experts in industry best practices, technology and innovation. From data analytics and machine learning to BIM and Advanced Work Packaging, our Advisors leverage deep experience to support a multitude of client projects and initiatives.

We're Change Makers

We're never satisfied with the status quo. Our colleagues push the boundaries of industry innovation every day to help clients realize opportunities and improve organizational and project performance.

Each of our Advisors have varied and diverse training, experience, and interest areas. Our Advisors' combination of project experience, academic training, and industry experience enables clients to leverage the collective knowledge of our team to identify opportunities, gain insights, and solve complex problems.

Leadership Team

0150Shilpa_high res_edited_edited_edited

Shilpa Sharma


0115Ben Howlett_high res_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Ben Howlett

Vice President

Gary Orton - Headshot

Gary Orton


0115Jack Yang_high res_edited.jpg

Jack Yang

Manager, Project


Kevin Peng - Headshot

Kevin Peng

Manager, BI and Data Services

Advisors and Colleagues

Ahmed Nur - Headshot

Ahmed Nur

Construction Analyst

Cedric Kaluti - Headshot

Cedric Kaluti


Intelligence Advisor

Colin Gibling - Headshot

Colin Gibling

Construction Analyst

Darryl Driedger - Headshot

Darryl Driedger

Construction Advisor

Dylan Underhill - Headshot

Dylan Underhill



Edwin Aguirre - Headshot

Edwin Aguirre



Kyle Louden3355_edited.jpg

Kyle Louden

Construction Analyst

Michelle Li_edited.jpg

Michelle Li

Construction Analyst

109Sai Nukala_High Res_edited_edited.jpg

Sai Nukala

Data Engineer

0106Wendy Liviniuk_high res_edited.jpg

Wendy Liviniuk

Executive Administrator

0101Zamaan Al-shabbani_high res_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Zamaan Al-shabbani

Industry Advisor

Unparalleled Expertise

Our consultants aren't theoretical practitioners; they have timely, practical expertise in the industry sectors that they support. Their field experience guides a pragmatic approach to innovation and change, which has proven to significantly improve client outcomes.

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