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We help organizations and project teams develop and deploy best-in-class programs and processes that improve workflows and increase efficiencies. 

Industry Best Practices 

Regardless of project size, effective planning is a key differentiator between project success and failure. Planning begins in the front end, aligning stakeholders around a Path of Construction. That Path of Construction then drives all front-end deliverables, thereby ensuring that front-end efforts are continuously supporting the next downstream stakeholder. Through this approach, efforts are aligned around a common goal, which improves safety, quality, cost, and schedule performance. 

Learn how Trillium can help you build better through our enhanced project planning programs.

Our Services


Advanced Work



AWP is an industry best practice which is proven to yield benefits in project safety, quality, cost, schedule, and productivity. We have the expertise to effectively guide you through your AWP journey. 


Agile and Lean



Agile and lean construction programs empower teams to collaboratively plan and execute work with full transparency and accountability, with respect for people as the core tenet. Our team supports program development, deployment, and optimization. 





Our advisors have decades of experience in the facilitation of effective constructability programs. From new approaches to modularization on-site installation efficiencies, our creative approach to project execution is proven to reduce project cost and schedule durations. 

Get Visual with 4D/5D Planning

Go beyond the 3rd dimension. 4D Planning combines your 3D model with your project schedule to produce a time-phased animation of your project plan. 4D planning is used to visually plan and identify out-of-sequence work. Compare planned and actual performance in real-time to drive meaningful improvements within your digital project environment. 5D Planning adds time-phased cost visibility, enabling planned and actual comparisons that empower effective risk identification and decision making throughout the project lifecycle.

Trillium Advisory Group - 4D

How We Help

We offer a vast range of services to support organizations and project teams in their journey to support and train their teams, develop and deploy industry best practices, and the optimization and improvement of industry programs and processes. 

Training Development and Delivery

Process and Procedure Development

Audits, Health Checks, and Assessments

Process Wayfinding and Implementation Roadmapping

Leading Industry Practices

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