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Life at

A Challenging and Rewarding Career Awaits You

Trillium Colleagues improve the way the industry designs, builds, and operates facilities and assets through the application of leading practices, technology solutions, and innovative approaches. We create value for our team, for our clients, and for the industry in everything we do. 

If you like to challenge the status quo, and you have an innovation mindset, a career at Trillium will provide a challenging and rewarding professional experience. 

 Explore Your Potential

Our Focus Through Action


Industry Advancement

Our colleagues participate on and support industry committees, working groups, and think tanks to advance industry best practices and technology standards. 



Trillium maintains a mentorship ecosystem; colleagues work closely together on complex projects that facilitate learning and professional development. 


Thought Leadership

Team members help advance industry awareness and knowledge through their thought leadership activities such as presentations and article writing. 


Sustainable Building

Our colleagues explore project and organizational processes through a sustainability lens, seeking out ways to reduce the industry's carbon footprint.

Why Trillium?

Darryl Driedger - Headshot

“I enjoy being a Trillium colleague because of the great work culture and atmosphere. I have a healthy relationship with my manager. I enjoy the fact that Trillium values creativity and innovation and provides a lot of opportunity for career growth with a focus on creating the best professional fit for each team member.”

Darryl Driedger - Construction Advisor

“Trillium's leadership team supports your career goal achievement by providing resources, coaching, and development opportunities. Colleagues are knowledgeable and willing to share their knowledge and experience with you to help you succeed. The company focuses on creating long-term impact which encourages employees to take on complex challenges that will be most impactful to our clients, rather than focusing on quick or near-term wins.”

Kevin Peng - Manager of Data Services

Kevin Peng - Headshot
Jack Yang - Headshot

“I enjoy working at Trillium as it allows me to work in areas which I am strong, as well as learn and apply new techniques and technologies. With Trillium I can expand my career path and explore cutting edge technology not previously applied in the construction industry."

Jack Yang - Construction Advisor

What We Offer

Career Advancement Opportunities

We offer opportunities for professional development and upward career progression based on performance and professional development goals. Advance your career with Trillium. 

Cutting Edge Technology Solutions

We leverage the latest industry technology to support operations and client projects; learn new skills and work on the cutting edge of the industry technology landscape to support organizations and project teams.

Local and Global Clients and Projects

See the world while working with both local and global clients and project teams. Colleagues that enjoy travelling have the opportunity to meet with and support clients all over the world.

Remote and Flexible Work Options

Our colleagues work from our office locations or from home. Enjoy the flexibility of remote work while having the support of a caring and committed team that collaborates to achieve program goals.

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