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Digital Twins

Engage with your project model like never before. Digital twins help teams operationalize and effectively engage with asset data from concept through construction, and into asset operations. 

Take Your Project Digital 

Do more with your 3D model than you ever thought possible. Digital twins enable teams to go beyond 3D, linking project data, sensor data, and environmental data with their model to generate deep project insights and lifecycle asset data visibility. 

Our Advisors help organizations and project teams begin or further their journey to establish construction or asset digital twins. Through robust solution deployments, project teams are empowered to move beyond 3D by adding dimensional data to the model which deepens information visibility, drives better insights, and empowers decision-making potential. 

Enhance the value of your construction performance or asset performance through the development and deployment of a digital twin. 

Get Tech on Your Side



Design and build better with intelligent data that is captured and capitalized throughout the lifecycle of your asset.


4D/5D Planning

Take control of your schedule and costs with a visual planning and execution tool that engages the entire team.


Digital Twins

Do more with your asset model through the integration of real-time data to inform decision making potential.

Cut Through the Noise 

There is no shortage of construction modelling and digital twin technology solution options on the market. Evaluating options and selecting a solution can be overwhelming and fraught with challenges. We can help. 

Our Advisors are well-versed in construction modelling and digital twin solutions; we know the technology market. We work with clients to:

  • Understand organizational or project goals

  • Develop selection criteria

  • Evaluate solutions

  • Rank and measure solution capabilities

  • Select solutions

  • Deploy solutions 


Empower Decision Making

Construction digital twins and asset digital twin solutions put the right information in the hands of the right stakeholders at the right time, empowering better decision-making through targeted data accessibility.  

Capture. Analyze. Act 

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Digital twins facilitate data management and accessibility throughout the asset lifecycle. From design through asset operations, a digital twin enables asset owners to capture operational data, analyze it using dashboarding and simulations, and act on the insights generated. 

A digital twin can be deployed during any stage of the asset lifecycle; earlier deployments facilitate greater utility of the digital twin by empowering information access and decision-making capabilities. 


Transition from the physical to a digital environment to operationalize asset data through its lifecycle.

Let's Tackle Your
Toughest Challenges

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