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BIM Services

Build better with BIM by empowering your team with trustworthy data. Our team has the expertise to help you build an industry-leading BIM practice.

Bring It All Together with BIM

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a project execution methodology that connects people with project data. Robust 3D models are generated which include valuable metadata. Common data environments are deployed which facilitate information accessibility for the entire project team. BIM programs ensure that project data is generated, stored, and operationalized through a trusted process for the entire project team. BIM is the backbone of the construction industry’s digitization roadmap and provides a sandbox for endless innovation, collaboration, and improved product delivery.


Trillium's BIM team can help you achieve your BIM goals. Whether you require modelling support, information requirements, clash detection support, or 4D/5D modelling services, our Advisors can help. 

Our Services





We support BIM modelling for projects of all sizes. We have a full modelling team that can support small projects to ultra-large project modelling needs, with rapid turnaround capabilities. 





Our advisors have extensive BIM program development and deployment experience. We help clients devise and document industry-leading BIM procedures that create real project value.

Trillium Advisory Group - 4D




Engage your team in project planning with visual schedule development and review. 4D Planning supports project teams in the development of better, more robust schedules that achieve project goals. 

BIM Modelling

Our team of BIM / VDC Technicians can support BIM modelling for projects of all sizes. Our technical service areas include:

  • Conceptual model development and rendering

  • Technical BIM modelling

    • Mechanical​

    • Electrical 

    • Plumbing

    • Structural 

    • Architectural

    • Civil

    • Prefabrication 

  • Site logistics models​

  • Generative design

  • Point cloud conversion


Clash Detection

iStock-488869993 (1).jpg

Trillium federates design, engineering, and construction models to generate clash coordination reports that provide insight into project health and identify risks early on. We work with project partners to ensure the information captured during a clash coordination effort is well developed and benefits construction. Solving the model helps project teams stay on track, increasing schedule confidence and reducing field fixes.


A clash-free model can be utilized to provide additional project deliverables and enables project teams to explore alternate installation sequences or facilitate planning with a high degree of certainty. When field issues do arise, a well-coordinated model can be pivotal in making data-driven decisions that have less downstream impact.

Virtual Reality Services


Virtual Reality (VR) environments enable project teams to navigate their 3D models with contextual experience. Explore your design environment and identify constructability issues. Review specific design configurations and simulate alternatives to support asset maintenance and ongoing operations. Take teams on facility tours to share execution plans and conduct risk reviews. VR creates immense value in engineering, construction, maintenance, and turnaround applications. 

Our advisors help teams develop, deploy, and sustain VR environments through the use of cutting-edge software and expert advisory support. We have extensive experience helping teams get past the hype of VR programs, ensuring that the technology application generates utility and value for the team. 

Talk to one of our advisors to learn more about our VR services. 

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