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Digital Project

We help organizations and project teams select and deploy technology solutions that effectively augment their work processes and create meaningful value in their operations.

It's Time to Go Digital

The right technology can advance the way you build. From common data environments that democratize data access, to field mobility solutions that enable real-time data capture, there's technology that can empower your team to design, build, and operate optimized facilities and assets. 

Our advisors understand the technology market and the available solutions. We work closely with teams to understand their workflows, define performance goals, and identify opportunities for digitalization and automation which will drive organizational value. 

We provide technology support for full project lifecycle operations, from front-end planning through construction, commissioning, and operations. Learn how Trillium can help your team go digital. 

Move Forward with

There's no shortage of industry technology solutions to pick from. For any given initiative, there can be upwards of 20 solutions which provide features and functions that the team desires. The evaluation process can be time-consuming and exhaustive. Sometimes it's difficult to separate those solutions which create value and those which simply add unnecessary complexity to workflows. 


Venture boldly forward in your digital initiative with a trusted Advisor by your side. We support teams as they explore, devise, and deploy technology solutions across all phases of the project lifecycle. Innovation and advancement takes planning, patience, and perseverance. Push forward with an expert Advisor to help lead the way.


Our Services

Meeting at office




Digitalization initiatives can be challenging and complex. Our advisors help teams develop a robust digital project delivery roadmap through our Digital Project Delivery (DPD) Wayfinding program. 

Operating a Drone

Technology Requirements Definition


For hardware and software to create true business value, it must support business and project goals. Our advisors help teams identify critical technology requirements through comprehensive stakeholder engagement. 

Computer Learning

Technology Selection and Deployment


The technology market is vast; we help teams navigate the noise. Our Advisors help teams identify solutions that fit with business requirements, shortlist options, curate forms and vendor details, and support solution deployment. 

Pilot First, then Plunge


New technology should improve operations, not complicate them. Don't take the plunge; start with a pilot.


Our Advisors have extensive experience with a multitude of industry solutions. We work with our clients to understand their processes and needs, then propose practical solutions that will drive quantifiable benefits to project teams.


We support you every step of the way, so that your teams procure and deploy solutions that drive marked improvements in project performance.

Leading Industry Practices

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