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4D Planning

Visualize your schedule in an interactive environment that empowers teams to plan and optimize their activities in a highly engaging way.

Regain Control of Your Schedule

Project schedules are a necessity; however, due to the visual complexity of Gantt charts, finding errors, out-of-sequence work, or misaligned activities in a project schedule can be inherently difficult. The larger the project, the more difficult this exercise becomes. Trying to find opportunities for schedule optimization in a 400-page document is a daunting task. If these planning errors aren't caught early, the result can be schedule loss, project cost impacts, and increased risks to workers.


4D planning provides a visual representation of the project schedule using the 3D model. Each model element is linked with a schedule activity; when played back, each model element appears on screen as it is sequenced within the schedule. Teams can leverage these simulations to collaboratively plan their work, identify out-of-sequence activities, and improve project performance. 

4D Beginner's Guide


Get an overview of 4D planning, including program requirements, challenges, and benefits with our complimentary 4D Beginner's guide. 

4D Case Study


4D planning on the Golden Pass LNG Export (GPX) Project allowed the pairing of the project schedule with the detailed 3D model, which enhanced constructability assessments while increasing productivity and safety on site.

Our Services

Business Meeting

Coaching and



Our advisors can guide you through your 4D journey. We support teams as they navigate technology requirements definition, solution selection, and deployment through expert-led coaching and training from professionals with a wealth of 4D experience.

Business Discussion

Specifications and 



Our advisors help teams define and document their processes and procedures to support program success and scalability across a portfolio of projects. We also help define 4D specifications and standards to support team alignment and deliverable compliance.



as a Service


Our 4D-as-a-Service model enables teams to gain the full benefits of 4D planning without the implementation effort. Our advisors act as an extension of your team, developing and managing your 4D model to support improved project scheduling and planning activities. 

Let's Get Visual

Integrated 4D planning environments provide project teams to view the work before they do the work, thereby enabling coordination in the office before anyone steps foot on-site. Teams can ask questions, identify issues, and challenge assumptions like never before by leveraging the support of 4D planning solutions. 
4D Planning Use Cases
  • Schedule visualizations
  • Schedule simulations
  • What-if scenarios
  • Engineering performance analysis
  • Procurement performance analysis
  • Laydown planning
  • Construction planned vs. actual performance analysis
  • Lift simulations
  • High value equipment optimization planning

Proof of

Not yet ready to take the leap but interested in learning more about how 4D planning can create value for your project? Let's discuss a tailored 4D proof of concept. 

During a proof of concept, our consultants work with your project data to create a partial 4D model for review and team socialization. A proof of concept allows you to trial the software and dig into the processes behind 4D programs with less risk than a full implementation. You can view the final model, evaluate software for future use, and identify opportunities for full 4D model development. 


4D Examples


Leading Industry Practices

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