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4D/5D Planning

Visualize your schedule in an interactive environment that empowers teams to plan and optimize their activities an a highly engaging way.

Regain Control of Your Schedule

Project schedules are a necessity; however, due to the visual complexity of Gantt charts, finding errors, out-of-sequence work, or misaligned activities in a project schedule can be inherently difficult. The larger the project, the more difficult this exercise becomes. Trying to find opportunities for schedule optimization in a 400-page document is a daunting task. If these planning errors aren't caught early, the result can be schedule loss, project cost impacts, and increased risks to workers.


4D simulations are a visual representation of the project schedule, using the 3D model. Each model element is linked with a schedule activity; when played back, each model element appears on screen as it is sequenced within the schedule. 5D simulations add time-phased cost data to the analysis. Teams can leverage these simulations to collaboratively plan their work, identify out-of-sequence activities, and improve project performance. 

4D Beginner's Guide


Get an overview of 4D planning, including program requirements, challenges, and benefits with our complimentary 4D Beginner's Guide.

Let's Get Visual

Whether or not you've implemented a formal Building Information Modelling (BIM) program, your project team can realize the benefits of 4D / 5D planning throughout the project lifecycle.



What We Do

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Technology Deployment

We work with your team to find the right 4D solution for your project needs. Our consultants assist with needs assessments, solution evaluation, workflow integration, and technology deployment to support your team through every step of the journey. 



Want to skip the technology deployment and have simulations created and delivered to your team at set intervals? We offer 4D as a Service for those teams that want to reduce the cost of 4D implementation while still realizing the same outputs and benefits as would be available through full solution deployment. 


Resource Support

Looking to deploy and sustain an internal 4D program? Our consultants provide term-based program support, working with teams to evaluate, select, map, deploy, and sustain the tools and processes necessary for the success of 4D programs. 

4D Planning Use Cases
  • Schedule simulations
  • What-if scenarios
  • Engineering performance analysis
  • Procurement performance analysis
  • Laydown planning
  • Planned vs. actual performance analysis
  • Lift simulations
  • High value equipment optimization planning
5D Planning Use Cases
  • Cash flow estimation
  • Bid estimate preparation
  • Cost profile analysis
  • Planned vs. actual spend analysis

Proof of Concept 

Not yet ready to take the leap but interested in learning more about how 4D planning and simulation tools can create value on your project? Let's discuss a tailored 4D proof of concept. 

During a proof of concept, our consultants work with your project data to create a partial 4D model  for review and team socialization. A proof of concept allows you to trial the software and dig into the processes behind 4D programs with less risk than a full implementation. You are able to view the final model, evaluate software for future use, and identify opportunities for full 4D model development. 


4D Planning empowers project stakeholders to engage and interact with project plans, with full visibility into the execution strategy and performance outcomes.

Let's Tackle Your

Toughest Challenges

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