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Zachry Group Announces Acquisition of Trillium Advisory Group

For Immediate Release


September 2, 2021 - San Antonio, USA - Zachry Group announced today its acquisition of Trillium Advisory Group, a consulting practice working with leading organizations to identify, develop, and deploy best practices and digital initiatives across the project lifecycle in a variety of industry sectors.  

Trillium Advisory Group is a full-service construction consultancy with a focus on digitalization and digital transformation. Trillium works with organizations and project teams that are looking to improve operational outcomes or project potential through process improvement and the use of technology. Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Trillium provides support to clients globally throughout construction sectors, including commercial, energy, infrastructure, heavy industrial, and road and rail. 

“As an organization driven by innovation, Trillium is thrilled to be joining Zachry Group, an industry leader in engineering, construction, maintenance and turnarounds,” said Tannis Liviniuk, CEO of Trillium Advisory Group. “This acquisition empowers our collective organizations to further catalyze innovation and improve project performance potential through the use of industry best practices and digital solutions.”

The acquisition of Trillium Advisory Group adds specialized resources to better support Zachry Group’s growing customer base and enables Zachry to demonstrate distinct improvements in project execution and reporting, including digitization of the project and digital project delivery.  Analytical insights into project performance will help pinpoint new opportunities for optimization and support a growing movement across markets and industries toward enhanced business intelligence. 

“We are always looking for opportunities to expand and enhance our capabilities, for the benefit of our customers and employees.  We believe this investment represents a meaningful advancement in project execution and predictability of outcomes,” said John Zachry, Chairman and CEO of Zachry Group. “We believe Trillium’s sophisticated understanding of project planning and digital project delivery, combined with Zachry’s nearly 100 years of execution experience and knowledge, creates a unique combination which will facilitate more data-driven decisions and improve the performance of projects of all sizes.”

About Zachry Group

Zachry Group is North America’s pacesetter in turnkey construction, engineering, maintenance, turnaround, and fabrication services to the power, energy, chemicals, manufacturing, and industrial sectors. We work with customers to plan, build, and renew their most critical facilities, so they can achieve their immediate and long-term goals, all at the highest safety standards. We are a purpose-driven organization, united by a shared set of values and the desire to deliver the very best outcome for our customers. Visit for more information.

Contact: Laura Goudge,

About Trillium Advisory Group
Trillium Advisory Group provides specialized services and support in construction best practice deployment, process optimization, and digitalization to organizations or project teams that are looking to improve operational outcomes or project potential. Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Trillium colleagues support global project teams in their pursuit of project delivery excellence. Key areas of focus include data analytics, machine learning, Advanced Work Packaging, BIM, and digital twinning. Founded in 2018, Trillium has rapidly grown in size, becoming quickly recognized as an industry leader in construction advisory support. Last year, Canadian Business ranked Trillium Advisory Group No. 28 on the 2020 Startup List, the definitive ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies.


Contact: Tannis Liviniuk,   

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