Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) is a construction industry best practice that is employed by project teams globally. AWP is a project delivery methodology that aligns stakeholders on the breakdown and flow of work packages to support the Path of Construction, and maintains that alignment throughout the project lifecycle from concept to commissioning. Engineering Work Packages and Procurement Work Packages are sequenced to support the optimization of construction activities, thereby lowering the cost of installation and reducing schedule durations. 



Why AWP?

Advanced Work Packaging is proven to reduce total installed cost and schedule durations on construction projects of all sizes.  

Advanced Work Packaging necessitates that project teams align their priorities and deliverables to continuously support the next stakeholder in the project lifecycle. Therefore, engineering supports the Path of Construction, delivering work packages in the sequence that construction requires to build. Procurement supports the Path of Construction by aligning Vendor activities and deliverables in a sequence to support construction needs. Construction supports the Path of Completions by completing work to support the priorities defined for system and asset startup. When stakeholders align their workflows toward the completion of defined goals, project outcomes are proven to improve.  

Procedure Development

We work closely with organizations and project teams to develop and deliver bespoke procedures that augment existing workflows. We ensure that the programs we develop fit the needs of your team, while maintaining alignment with the industry best practices of COAA and CII. 

Technology Support

Our consultants provide tailored AWP automation support to project teams, throughout the project lifecycle. From technology evaluations to deployment and integration, we provide the right level of support to ensure your team can scale AWP processes with technology that maximizes returns on investment.  

Training and Coaching

We deliver training and coaching services on location or remotely. Teams may select from standard training content delivery modules or may request the development and delivery of bespoke training. Our consultants also offer scheduled AWP coaching services, tailored to the needs of the project team.



We work with project teams to facilitate cold-eyes reviews on Advanced Work Packaging programs of all levels of maturity. Leveraging a detailed and comprehensive assessment tool, we customize your review to ensure that we measure the elements of AWP that matter the most to you. 

Our assessment team has extensive experience in AWP program development and deployment on global projects, thereby ensuring that you always have an expert involved in the review from the start to finish.