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Advanced Work Packaging

Advanced Work Packaging is proven to reduce total installed cost and schedule durations on construction projects of all sizes.  

Realize Your Project's

Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) is a construction industry best practice that is employed by project teams globally. AWP is a project delivery methodology that aligns stakeholders on the breakdown and flow of work packages to support the Path of Construction, and maintains that alignment throughout the project lifecycle from concept to commissioning. Engineering Work Packages and Procurement Work Packages are sequenced to support the optimization of construction activities, thereby ensuring that all project deliverables are aligned to support each downstream stakeholder. 


Organizations that implement AWP effectively have proven to achieve improvements in project safety, quality, cost, schedule, productivity, and predictability performance. 



AWP Beginner's Guide


Get an overview of AWP, including program elements, processes, and  benefits that project teams have realized with our complimentary AWP Beginner's Guide.

Our Services


Training and 



Our advisors have extensive experience coaching and training organizations and project teams in the theory and practice of AWP. Our clients benefit from the global experience of our advisors and their practical approach to program development and deployment. 

Business Meeting

Process and Procedure



Trillium has supported the development and deployment of some of the industry's most robust, and most successful, AWP programs. Our advisors work closely with clients to develop fit-for-purpose programs, based on industry best practices, that yield quantifiable returns.


Health Checks, Audits, and Assessments


If you're looking to ensure that you're getting the most out of your AWP program, we can help. Our 256-point AWP assessment can be scaled for quick reviews or detailed audits. Our advisors provide analysis and insights that help improve AWP program performance. 

Aligning Stakeholders

Trillium Advisory Group - Advanced Work Packaging Alignment

Advanced Work Packaging necessitates that project teams align their priorities and deliverables to continuously support the next stakeholder in the project lifecycle. Therefore, engineering supports the Path of Construction, delivering work packages in the sequence that construction requires to build.


Procurement supports the Path of Construction by aligning Vendor activities and deliverables in a sequence to support construction needs. Construction supports the Path of Completions by completing work to support the priorities defined for system and asset startup.


Project outcomes are improved when stakeholders align their workflows toward the completion of defined goals. 

Driving Measurable Benefits

Developing and deploying an AWP program is an investment; our Advisors help ensure that you gain value from that investment by defining measurable metrics and facilitating performance tracking against organizational and industry benchmarks. 


Our team can assist with:

  • Key Performance Indicator definition 

  • Organizational benchmarking

  • Industry benchmark provision

  • Data collection strategies

  • Dashboard and report development

  • Performance analysis

  • Improvement opportunity identification

  • Selection and deployment of effective technology solutions to support AWP


Leading Industry Practices

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