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Drive real-time project visibility and team accountability through iterative planning and agile task execution. 

Iterative Planning = Better Outcomes

Agile Construction is a project delivery methodology that improves accountability, transparency, and accuracy on construction projects. Derived from agile methods commonly leveraged in other industries, Agile Construction provides a framework for project teams to improve team planning engagement using sprint planning, stand up meetings, and scrum boards. 

Agile provides a framework that challenges traditional waterfall project delivery methods; waterfall programs typically encompass substantial early planning efforts and long-delivery cycles with core outputs only delivered at the end of the project. Agile Construction, conversely, requires iterative planning, consistent scope refactoring, and regular work scope delivery throughout the execution phase of the project. By reducing the delivery cycle duration and increasing team engagement within the planning process, teams will improve transparency and accountability, reduce health and safety risk, reduce project costs and schedule durations, and improve workface coordination to derive and develop a competitive performance edge.

Agile Beginner's Guide


Get an overview of agile construction, including program elements, processes, and  benefits that project teams have realized with our complimentary Agile Construction Beginner's Guide.

Our Services


Training and 



Our advisors have extensive experience coaching and training organizations and project teams in the theory and practice of Agile. Our clients benefit from the global experience of our advisors and their practical approach to program development and deployment. 

Business Meeting

Process and Procedure



Trillium has supported the development and deployment of some of the industry's most robust, and most successful, Agile programs. Our advisors work closely with clients to develop fit-for-purpose programs, based on industry best practices, that yield quantifiable returns.


Health Checks, Audits, and Assessments


If you're looking to ensure that you're getting the most out of your Agile program, we can help. From formal audits to informal program health checks, we've got you covered. Our advisors provide analysis and insights that help improve Agile program performance. 

Pilot Project 

We work with forward-thinking teams to develop and deploy Agile Construction pilot programs on key projects.  

Pilot programs enable organizations to explore and test Agile Construction workflows for a specific work scope to better understand the costs, benefits, and impacts of agile to the organization or project team. By focusing on a limited scope, results can be studied in depth to verify return on investment, prior to implementation across the broader organization. 


Leading Industry Practices

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