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Improve your design to optimize fabrication processes and construction build capabilities, driving quantifiable improvements in project performance.

Optimize Your Design
Build Better

A successful constructability program requires more than a few model reviews and the completion of checklists. In an effort to maximize efficiency, minimize waste and complete projects ahead of schedule, effective constructability programs should emphasize:

  • the implementation of defined processes and procedures

  • iterative design development

  • team integration and frequent collaboration during design and construction phases

  • the rejection of status quo design methodologies

  • the ideation of new design and execution approaches

  • capturing and deploying lessons learned


Teams that are investing in robust constructability programs are driving project safety, quality, cost, and schedule performance improvements that empower them to build better. Our advisors help teams deliver on that mission. 

Our Services



Constructability Reviews


Our team of constructability experts support project constructability programs through off-site reviews. We thoroughly review the design and execution strategies and propose standard and innovative approaches that reduce material usage, reduce cost, and improve execution goals.


Workshop Facilitation and



Our advisors facilitate constructability reviews and workshops on client projects to ensure the efficacy of the constructability process. They guide the discussion, ensure all core topics are covered, and that all stakeholders have a voice.





Our constructability hackathons are as unique in construct as they are in experience. We bring together exceptional thought leaders to work with client teams on breaking the mold for standard facility design and execution approaches, thereby producing innovative ideas. 

Pushing Boundaries


Our advisors have decades of experience supporting constructability programs that make an impact. Our team has worked with global projects, pushing the boundaries of design to empower teams to build better. We ideate without the constraints of typical execution approaches, enabling us to devise unique methods that create real, quantifiable project value. 


Our approach to constructability breaks down the silos between design and construction, driving frequent engagement and communication to improve project outcomes. This collaborative approach, combined with the use of proprietary procedures and checklists, enables us to work with teams in pursuit of innovative constructability initiatives with proven benefits and outcomes for all stakeholders. 

Supporting Robust Constructability Programs Through Focus on:
  • Design 
  • Quantities
  • Sourcing approaches
  • Execution safety
  • Execution cost
  • Execution schedule
  • Operability
  • Asset sustainability

Leading Industry Practices

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