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Improve your design to optimize fabrication processes and construction build capabilities, driving quantifiable improvements in project performance.

Optimize Your Design to Build Better

A successful constructability program requires more than a few model reviews and the completion of checklists. In an effort to maximize efficiency, minimize waste and complete projects ahead of schedule, effective constructability programs should emphasize:

  • the implementation of defined processes and procedures

  • iterative design development

  • team integration and frequent collaboration during design and construction phases

  • the rejection of status quo design methodologies


Teams that are investing in robust constructability programs are driving project safety, quality, cost, and schedule performance improvements that empower them to build better.

Constructability Beginner's Guide


Get an overview of constructability program requirements, including key activities, deliverables, and team engagement needs in our Constructability Beginner's Guide.

Improve Project Potential


Pre-Engineered Scaffold

Tired of scaffold costs breaking the bank? Frustrated with a lack of on-site accessibility due to scaffold congestion and dance floors? Our Advisors work with your construction and design teams to minimize scaffold requirements for installation, identify scaffold that can be set in place or shipped on modules, and eliminate builds where other access methods prevail.



Almost every industrial construction team overhandles piping components in preparation for testing, which can cost projects millions in wasted effort. Our Advisors work with project teams to plan test requirements into the build strategy, allowing craft professionals to install test blinds and required gear at the point of initial installation rather than after. 


Modularization Optimization

We support teams in identifying opportunities to optimize their module programs, enabling craft professionals to access modules with required materials and tools immediately after setting. We help teams plan material kits to be shipped on-mod, identify electrical panel and hose run requirements for plug and play setting, and help plan on-mod tool shipping programs.

Pushing Boundaries


Our Advisors have decades of experience in developing and delivering constructability programs that make an impact. We work with forward-looking project teams that are pushing the boundaries of design to empower teams to build better. Our constructability programs break down the silos between design and construction, driving frequent engagement and communication to improve project outcomes. This collaborative approach, combined with the use of proprietary procedures and checklists, enables us to work with teams in pursuit of innovative constructability initiatives that drive quantifiable project performance improvements.

We offer cold-eyes constructability reviews that assist teams in identifying design optimization opportunities which may not be readily apparent.

Constructability Services
  • Procedure development
  • Procedure audits
  • Cold-eyes constructability reviews
  • Innovative design ideation
  • Training and coaching

Let's Tackle Your

Toughest Challenges

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